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Funny Cartoon Logo for sale.
Get your own cartoon mascot and start marketing it today!

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Funny Cartoon Logo for sale.
Get your own cartoon mascot and start marketing it today!

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Funny Cartoon Logo for sale.
Get your own cartoon mascot and start marketing it today!

Funny Cartoon Logos for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

I hope you will agree that a Logo is probably the most important visual for any business. It will be the first thing a client will look at, and it should be something that really stands out! So, instead of getting another boring logo with a globe symbol, why not a CARTOON LOGO? Everyone loves a funny cartoon! They make people feel light-hearted, friendly and good. People love funny and cute, and many companies have had enormous success as a direct result of their logo. Just think of Hello Kitty or Good Luck Puppy and the endless merchandize possibilities a cartoon character provides.

Funny cartoon pics add a sense of humor and enjoyment to any company, large or small. A funny cartoon logo will make your business memorable!

If you are a new company, or if you are an old business without a logo, I will be happy to create one for you! I am a professional cartoonist in the Vancouver, BC area.

Feel free to browse through my cartoon logo designs portfolio, or click on a popular category below:

Many of the logo designs and mascots on this web sites are for sale and can be purchased directly online. Just go through the Gallery and when you see this image:
click on it. If a logo design has already been sold, it can not be used or resold as it is property of its buyer. However, if you come upon a logo design you like, I can create a similar (but different) one just for you. Just drop me a line and I will gladly create one for you. My fees are very reasonable, I work fast and all logos are hand drawn by yours truly!

Here are a few reasons why you should hire me:
-- I draw unique funny cartoon characters and all my funny cartoon logos are unique designs.
-- Every single cartoon character starts with a custom sketch hand drawn to your specific requirements.
-- Each cartoon logo creation will perfectly suit all your needs. (If you need different fun poses I will create more for you from the original)
-- I specialize in cartoon logo sketches in a variety of styles and shapes.
-- I work fast and my cartoons are original, professional and priced within most budgets.
-- I have been a professional cartoon designer since 1989.

Please remember that these cartoon characters are also great as web site guides and give a very welcoming and personal feel. I can also customize the original cartoon logo for you to suit any promotion, celebration, holiday or other occasion.

I receive all kinds of cartoon requests -- from creating pictures of cartoon men and cartoon people, to cartoon animals and even cartoon aliens. For years I have been creating cartoon pictures of people, cartoon bunny pictures, cartoon monkey pictures, cartoon dogs, cartoon dog pictures, cartoon shark pictures, cartoon fish pictures, heros, holiday, funny babies, cartoon pictures of angels, and funny whimsical animals, elephants, Santa, Christmas, rats cartoon pics, bees, bugs, cartoons of fish, ponies cartoon pics, logos with aliens, logos with parrots, logos with dogs, logos with cats, tigers, lions, cartoon pictures of ducks, monkeys, gorillas cartoon pics, deer, dolphins, horses, funny bears, funny rabbits, skunks, cows cartoon pics, pigs, funny whimsical chickens, buffalo, mice, babys, kids, funny girls, funny whimsical children, boys, cars, bikes cartoon pics, surf decals, sharks, sexy girls, zebras, bulls, butterflies, crabs cartoon pics, skateboard stickers & other funny logos and humorous illustrations.

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Funny Logos. Cartoon Logos.

I will create the perfect Funny Cartoon Logo Design for you!

A Funny Cartoon Logo is the perfect way to attract your prospective customers' attention. Your logo is a symbol of your company image and demonstrates your attention to detail. Your logo is the first thing your client sees when inquiring about your business, whether it's on your web site, advertising, Flash animation or letterhead design.

Cartoon Logos for every business!

Since 1989 I have been creating Funny Cartoon Pictures, Cartoon Logos, Cartoon Characters & Cartoon Clip Art, Cartoon pictures, Cartoon logos, Cartoon Characters, Funny logo, cartoons cartoon, pictures funny, clipart, picture, art, clip, character, pics, funny, cartoons, costume, characters, logo design, costumes, drawing, logos, designs, funny, draw, comic, howart, mascot,

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Some logo samples:-)

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Q: Where are you located?
A: I live and work in Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Before someone asks me about the weather, I'll explain -- the snow here is only on the mountains:-) Rain, however, is a different story...

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